Why Us /

Our Story

Fundamental changes in the energy industry require, more than ever, the right choice of an energy supplier partner. Eligo Energy offers competitive products, innovative solutions and technology applications that will power the growth of your energy business.

Eligo Energy is a leading retail electricity supplier based in Chicago. Eligo partners with preferred brokers and affiliates throughout the country. Our leadership in technology integration and innovative product offerings are now available to select partners.

Alex Goldstein and Mark Friedgan started Eligo Energy LLC, an alternative energy retailer based in Chicago, in April 2012. Since then, Eligo Energy has emerged as one of the most innovative, fastest growing retail energy suppliers in the industry.

Our Philosophy
We're customer–focused

That means we can afford to spend time with each and every customer. That's important to us, because your feedback helps us make you a happy customer.

We believe in better tools

We know what it's like to be lost when it comes to managing your energy usage. We've spent a lot of time building tools that allow you to understand your energy usage better, so you can make informed decisions.

We care about choice

Eligo means "choice" in Latin. Eligo was started by a team of people who truly believe in educating people about the options available to them, because only you know what's best for you.