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Common Questions
Where is Eligo licensed to do business?

Eligo is licensed in all states where it does business including Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Why should I switch to Eligo Energy as my energy supplier?

Eligo Energy supplies energy at a customized, fixed rate based on how you personally use energy. You can expect reduced, predictable monthly bills — up to 36 months. Our energy plans with completely personalized pricing and payment options are what make us unique from other suppliers. We use advanced analytics to examine your past energy data and offer a price that is custom to how you actually use energy. Don’t pay more than you need to.

How do I make the switch?

It's quick and easy. Simply fill out the online form in seconds or call 888-744-8125 for a free quote. You’ll need a recent utility bill — your account number is needed in order for us to personalize your quote based on your historical usage data and later to make the supply switch. Once you select your plan and sign the agreement, you won’t have to do anything differently than what you do now. No service interruption, just savings.

Do I pay Eligo Energy instead of my utility company?

When you switch to Eligo, you do not receive an extra bill. The Eligo Energy supply charge will be listed on your current utility bill, replacing supply charges previously made by your utility. Your utility will continue to deliver your energy and take care of any emergencies or outages.

Who do I call if my power goes out or I have any problems with my service?

You continue to call your utility company. They are responsible for the safe, reliable delivery of gas or electricity, whether you purchase it from the utility or a supplier. If you have a power outage or energy-related emergency, contact your utility company. If you have any questions about your energy supply service or just need more information about the energy process, please call us at 888-744-8125.

What is an energy supplier?

Energy suppliers buy electricity and/or gas from distribution centers, arrange for its transmission, and then resell it to consumers or businesses. Energy choice allows consumers in some states to choose their supplier instead of accepting the supply provided by their utility company. Consumers may decide to choose a different supplier based on rates or energy type offered. No matter which supplier is chosen, the energy continues to be delivered by the utility company.

Who is Eligo Energy?

Eligo Energy is an energy supplier sometimes called an Alternative Retail Electric Supplier (ARES) or Energy Service Company (ESCO). We are state licensed to provide electricity and gas supply to residential consumers or commercial businesses. Eligo is different from other suppliers because we use advanced analytics to provide personalized rates to each customer based on how the customer uses energy. It’s easy to switch to Eligo, and our customer care team will guide you along the way.

How do I contact Eligo Energy?

Call 888-744-8125 if you need help. Operators available Monday through Friday 9-5 CT. You can also email and you will receive a prompt response. Michigan customers can also call 313-486-1890 to reach a customer service operator.

Customer Care
Do I have to notify my utility company that I’m switching to Eligo Energy?

No. Once you enroll with us, we will notify your utility about your request to switch. The switch to Eligo will be easy for you.

Will my service be interrupted when I switch?

No. Your energy supply will seamlessly transition to Eligo Energy with no service interruption. In fact, nothing about how your service is delivered will change. Your utility company will continue to deliver energy, service emergencies, and send monthly bills.

How long does it take to switch?

In most states, it takes one to two billing cycles for the switch to go into effect.

Do I need a new meter or any new equipment to make the switch?

No. There is nothing new to install, no changes needed.

Eligo Plans and Pricing
Which plan is right for me?

Energy plans with completely personalized pricing and payment options are what make Eligo Energy unique from other suppliers. You can choose from our more traditional short or long-term plans, up to 36 months, or we have 100% renewable (green) energy options as well.

Does Eligo Energy offer plans for both electricity and gas supply service?

Yes, we offer both electric and gas supply services in select service areas. To see the products available in your area, visit the Markets we serve page.

How is my rate determined?

We use advanced analytics to review your historical energy usage data and offer a price that makes sense for how you use energy. Utilities typically offer a price based on the average energy use within a neighborhood or area, which isn’t customized to you.

Are there any fees to switch?

Eligo Energy does not charge additional setup or enrollment fees. There are no hidden fees — only one energy supply charge from us, which will be listed on your utility bill along with the utility delivery charges.

I'm on a budget payment plan with my utility. Can I continue with this plan if I enroll with Eligo Energy?

We have personalized payment options to meet your payment needs. Call customer care at 888-744-8125 for more information.

Who do I call if I have questions about my bill?

For questions related to the delivery portion of your bill, call your utility company. For questions about the supply portion of the bill, call Eligo Energy at 888-744-8125.

Expiration and Renewals
How will I know when my plan is expiring?

You will receive a notification from Eligo Energy by email or mail about a month before your fixed rate plan agreement expires with information on how to renew. If you want an update on the current status and remaining length of your plan, you can always call customer care at 888-744-8125.

Can I renew with the same rate I have now?

When you sign up for your new plan, you can choose from the options available at that time, but they won’t necessarily be the same as your current plan. Prices can fluctuate depending on factors such as energy usage, the length of your contract and the current energy market rates.

Can I change to another plan when it’s time to renew?

Yes, you will be able to pick from the customized options available to you at that time.

Energy Explained
Where does my energy come from?

There are three key players within the energy market that work together to power your home: generators, suppliers and utilities. This is how these players work together:

  • Generators produce energy. All energy generated is placed on the power grid.
  • Suppliers like Eligo Energy buy and sell energy. Competition among suppliers reduces consumer costs and allows for affordable clean energy.
  • Utilities deliver energy to customers, respond to emergencies and provide billing. Utilities can supply energy, but supplier choice with its potential savings is not an option.

What is Energy Choice, Customer Choice or Supplier Choice?

These are all terms that mean consumers have a choice in where their energy comes from. Some states allow you to purchase electricity or gas outside of your utility company. This is called a deregulated market and it gives you the power of choice. Instead of accepting the price and type of energy supplied through your utility company, you can make your own rate choice among suppliers and select green energy.

What is a deregulated market?

An area, typically a state, where energy is bought and sold with less restrictions. To encourage energy efficiency and competition (think lower rates for consumers), the government restructures the energy market in its state. By moving the supplier portion of the energy channel outside of the utility companies, consumers gain the ability to access lower rates and more green energy options.

How does the grid work?

The power grid is where all energy, green or limited, is placed and stored for use once it has been produced. Power grids are broken up into regions. Energy is carried from the regional grid through transmission lines to demand centers where it is bought and sold by suppliers like Eligo Energy. From the demand center, utility companies move energy into your home through distribution power lines.

What is a kilowatt-hour (kWh)?

Kilowatt-hours (kWh) are a measurement for energy use. One kilowatt-hour represents the average amount of energy your home uses each hour. Your monthly kWh usage is measured using a meter connected to your house. Your meter is read by your utility to help calculate your monthly bill.

Green Energy
What is green energy?

Green energy, also known as clean energy or renewable energy, is a non-polluting, sustainable form of energy that comes from natural sources — think wind, sunlight, rain. Using these sources, which quickly and naturally replenish, helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Why choose green energy?

Consider the planet’s health. Most utilities supply energy from fossil fuels — think natural gas, oil or coal. Fossil fuels are limited resources that are created over millions of years and continue to disappear with use. Using these resources creates harmful pollutants that impact our environment and contribute to climate change. By using green energy, you are doing your part to keep our planet healthy.

Is green energy more expensive?

As technological advances have been made, the cost of green energy has gone down over the last several years. When you request your free quote, you can compare the cost of all plan options available to you.