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100% Green Energy

At Eligo we care about the environment and are committed to bringing accessible 100% green energy options to you.

These green options help the environment by generating your electricity using renewable energy sources—wind, water, and the sun. Also known as clean energy, these sources of energy generation naturally replenish, and thus help to reduce our carbon footprint.

In switching your electricity to green energy supplied by Eligo, we will contact your utility and keep the process seamless to you. Your monthly electricity charges will remain on one bill from your utility company, your renewable energy supplier will now be listed as Eligo.

Why choose green energy?

Consider the planet’s health. Most utilities supply energy from fossil fuels — think natural gas, oil or coal. Fossil fuels are limited resources that are created over millions of years and continue to disappear with use. Using these resources creates harmful pollutants that impact our environment and contribute to climate change. By using green energy, you are doing your part to keep our planet healthy.

Is green energy more expensive?

As technological advances have been made, the cost of green energy has gone down over the last several years. When you request your free quote, you can compare the cost of all plan options available to you.

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