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How it Works

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Eligo Energy supplies electricity and natural gas at affordable rates that can save you money. By understanding how you use energy, we can provide a customized plan, and likely even offer you some options. You can expect reduced, predictable monthly bills — with plans up to 36 months. And with 100% green energy options, you can benefit both your wallet and the environment.

What We Offer
Personalized Energy Plans for your Home

Energy plans with completely personalized pricing and payment options are what make Eligo Energy unique from other suppliers. Eligo uses advanced analytics to examine your past energy data and offer a price that is custom to how you actually use energy.

How Energy Gets to Homes in Your State

If you are considering Eligo Energy as your supplier, then you live in a state that allows you to purchase electricity or gas outside of your utility company. This is called a deregulated market and it gives you the power of choice. Instead of accepting the price and type of energy supplied through your utility company, you can make your own rate choice among suppliers, and even select green energy.


All energy, green or limited, is generated and placed on the power grid.

Who do I call with questions?

Eligo’s Chicago-based customer service team is available at (888) 744-8125 or to quickly answer all of your questions about our supply plans, custom pricing or how the process works. If you have a power emergency or questions about your bill outside of the supply portion, contact your utility distribution company.

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