Welcome Pierce Township Residents and Small Businesses!

June 22, 2018

Pierce Township currently offers an ‘opt out’ electric municipal aggregation program to all residential and qualified small businesses. After a thorough bid process, Eligo Energy IL, LLC (“Eligo”), a leading retail electricity supplier based in Chicago, was selected as the new supplier for contract term in August 2018 – August 2021. The previous aggregation program expires in August 2018.

PROGRAM DETAILS. As an eligible member of this program, you will receive a fixed all-inclusive rate of 6.25¢ per kWh on your electricity supply through August 2021. This rate is below ComEd’s proposed 2018 average Price to Compare (“PTC”) of 7.694¢ per kWh. There is no enrollment, switching or early termination fee.

Customers may also purchase their electricity supply from other Retail Electric Suppliers or ComEd. For more information, visit www.pluginillinois.org. Customers may request from the Illinois Power Agency, without charge, a list of all supply options available to them in a format that allows comparison of prices and products.

NO CHANGES IN YOUR BILLING. You will continue to receive one monthly bill from ComEd. You will still be eligible for the same programs you are eligible for now through the utility, such as Budget Billing, payment agreements and energy efficiency programs. The only change be in the Electric Supply price on your ComEd bill – www.comed.com/MyAccount/MyBillUsage/Pages/UnderstandingMyBill.aspx.

ENROLLMENT PROCESS. Once your account is enrolled, you will receive a confirmation letter from ComEd confirming your "switch" to Eligo. To remain in the electric aggregation program, please disregard this letter when it arrives. Approximately 30 to 45 days after enrollment, you will receive your first bill with your new Eligo price. Please review the enclosed Terms and Conditions for additional information.

OPT-OUT INSTRUCTIONS. If you choose not to participate, you can elect to be removed from the Program by completing and returning the enclosed Opt-Out form, calling Eligo at 312-260-0885, or emailing PierceOptOut@eligoenergy.com within 21 days of the postmark date. If you have questions or need additional information about Municipal Aggregation or Eligo, please visit www.eligoenergy.com/cities/il/PierceTownship for FAQs and community-specific information. Eligo Customer Care is available 7:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday at 312-260-0885.

Please note: To participate in the program, you do not need to respond. Return the opt-out form only if you do not want to participate in the Pierce Township electric municipal aggregation program.

Although Pierce Township is offering this program, we ask that you direct all your aggregation program questions to Eligo.


Township Supervisor

What is a municipal aggregation?

Municipal aggregations are groups of customers, or entire communities, that unite to pool their energy buying power. By pooling their buying power and negotiating the price of power from a supplier other than the traditional utility, municipal aggregations can often save participants money on their electricity bills. ComEd is still responsible for delivering that power to your home, responding to outages, and billing you for it.

Who is Eligo Energy?

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Eligo Energy is a licensed electricity supplier in the states of Illinois, Connecticut, Maryland, Michigan, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia. We offer residential and business customers in these states the opportunity to save on their electrical costs by choosing us as their electricity supplier.

How do I contact Eligo Energy if I have a question?

As noted previously, ComEd will continue to fully service your account. If you should ever need to contact Eligo you can email us at customerservice@eligoenergy.com or call us at 312-260-0885 or visit www.eligoenergy.com/cities/il/PierceTownship. Our customer service center is open Monday through Friday 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM CST.

What is my rate under the Pierce Township Aggregation Program?

As an eligible member of this program, you will automatically receive a price of 6.25 cents per kilowatt-hour (¢/kWh).

How will the Pierce Township Aggregation Program impact my current situation and electricity bill?

The impact of the Aggregation Program is primarily savings. Your utility bill will remain the same other than a price reduction on energy supply. You will continue to receive a single bill, make one payment, and continue to receive all other services through ComEd.

When will I begin to see Eligo Energy's generation rate on my bill?

Eligo's rate will take effect within your next 1-2 billing cycles starting in August 2018 and depending on your meter read date.

What part of my electricity bill will this program affect?

Your electricity bill generally has two main cost components – distribution and supply. The aggregation program changes only the supply component of your bill. All other components of the bill will not be affected.

Will I continue to get one monthly bill from ComEd?

Yes, you will be billed exactly as you always have been by ComEd and will receive one monthly bill for all charges. The only difference you'll see on your electric bill is that Eligo Energy will be listed on the generation portion of your bill.

Are there additional fees for participating in aggregation program?

If you are a ComEd customer, generally, ComEd will not impose any switching fee for participating in Aggregation Program.

Who is eligible to participate?

Residential and small commercial customers located in the Pierce Township may participate. A "Small Commercial Customer" is a retail customer with an annual electricity consumption of less than 15,000 kilowatt-hours. Customers enrolled in real time pricing, Power Smart Pricing, electric space heat rate, or served by an alternative retail electric supplier may also be eligible but are not automatically enrolled. If you are in one of these programs or with a different supplier, you will need to review your pricing and contractual obligations in order to determine which options are available to you at this time. You may always call us with any eligibility questions at 312-260-0885.

Do I have to participate in the Pierce Township Aggregation Program if I do not want to?

No. Although the Pierce Township Aggregation Program is designed to provide savings for you, residents and small businesses that do not want to participate can opt-out without penalty. To opt-out, you just need to return the opt-out form attached to the opt-out letter you received.

If I am automatically enrolled in the program now, can I leave the program at any time?

You may leave the program at any time without incurring any early termination fees.

Can I enroll later if I opt-out now?

You may request to join the program online at http://www.eligoenergy.com/cities/il/PierceTownship or call 312-260-0885 for enrollment information. You may also visit www.eligoenergy.com for other rate plan options. Program terms and conditions may differ from the aggregation program.

I already have electric service with this supplier at a different rate. How can I join the Aggregation Program?

Enroll online at http://www.eligoenergy.com/cities/il/PierceTownship or call 312-260-0885 for information about how to switch to the more favorable rate negotiated on your behalf by the Pierce Township.

Can I enroll if I am on ComEd's Hourly Program?

Before enrolling in the aggregation, you should evaluate how the aggregation compares to your existing ComEd hourly service. Potential savings from the aggregation depend on your actual hourly use patterns. Accordingly, any potential savings from the aggregation compared to your current utility hourly service may vary from customer to customer. You should also review the terms and conditions applicable to your ComEd hourly service. The terms and conditions of ComEd hourly service may prevent you from joining the Program at this time. Additional information to help you evaluate your supply options can be found on the Illinois Commerce Commission's website: www.pluginillinois.org.

Can I enroll if I am on ComEd's Net Metering Program?

Before enrolling in the aggregation, you should compare the Pierce Township aggregation rate to the rate you are currently paying for electric supply to determine if you would benefit from participation in the aggregation. You should review the terms and conditions associated with your current electric supply, or check directly with your current electric supplier, to determine if there are any penalties or fees associated with an early termination of your current electric supply agreement. Net Metering customers may forfeit credits for electric supply service and delivery service, or both, if they switch to the Aggregation Supplier. Additional information to help you evaluate your supply options can be found on the Illinois Commerce Commission's website: www.pluginillinois.org.

Will ComEd continue to service my account?

Yes, nothing will change in terms of receiving your electricity or any customer service. ComEd will continue to read your meter, service your account and send you one bill each month. You will continue to contact ComEd for any billing or service questions or if your power ever goes out.

Who shall I call if there is an outage or issues with my electricity bill?

ComEd will remain responsible for the delivery of the electricity. All service and billing questions will continue to be directed to ComEd. To reach ComEd, please call (800) 334-7661.

I'm on ComEd's budget billing plan. Will that change?

No, you can stay on the budget-billing plan.

Can I still have my payment automatically deducted from my checking account as I do now?

Yes. The way you pay your ComEd bill will not change.

Will someone come to my home or call to sign me up?

No one from Eligo Energy or the Pierce Township will ever visit your home to sign you up, or call you to enroll. If someone calls or visits your home, that person is not from the Government Aggregation program.

What is the downside of the program?

Since the inception of the municipal aggregation programs in the State of Illinois, residents of municipalities that enrolled in aggregation programs are generally pleased with the reduced rates on their electric bills and rate stability. Deregulation of energy in Illinois has resulted in downward pressure on prices across the State.

Where can I find the Environmental Disclosure Statement & Uniform Disclosure Statement for Eligo Energy?

Eligo Energy IL, LLC - Pierce Township Municipal Aggregation Program Terms

The Pierce Township, pursuant to the municipal aggregation authority, which passed by a majority of the vote, selected Eligo Energy IL, LLC ("Vendor" or "Supplier") to supply the aggregation and to administer enrollments as described below. You, the account holder (also referred to as "Customer") for the utility account ("Account") applicable to the service address referenced on the letter accompanying this Opt Out Notice (the "Account"), and Vendor agree to the following terms and conditions. Vendor and Customer (individually referred to as "Party" and collectively as "Parties") agree to the following Terms of Service ("Agreement"), as of the first meter read date in August 2018 (the "Effective Date"). This Agreement authorizes Vendor to change Customer's electric supplier in the territory of Commonwealth Edison (the "Utility").

  1. Price and Service: For the Initial Term, Customer shall pay $0.0625 per kWh ("kWh Rate"), multiplied by the billing cycle usage for the Utility account numbers ("Accounts"). Both Parties recognize that components of Vendor's charges include electric tariff charges that are authorized by the Illinois Commerce Commission, Independent System Operator, other state or governmental agencies having jurisdiction, and/or the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Vendor shall not impose any fees or charges on Customer other than the Price set forth above. While Vendor does not charge Customer a separate fee to switch to Vendor's service, if Customer is currently receiving electricity pursuant to an agreement with another alternative retail electric supplier, that supplier may charge Customer for switching electricity providers. Customer may compare the fixed price terms herein to market conditions by looking at the rates posted on Vendor's website and on Customer's monthly bill. In addition, Customer shall pay and be responsible for all other amounts related to the purchase and delivery of electricity, including applicable taxes and charges. If Customer is interval metered, Customer shall also be responsible for additional costs resulting therefrom. Please see Vendor's website www.eligoenergy.com for current market conditions and updates.

  2. Enrollment: (a) Opt-Out Enrollment (Automatic Enrollments due to non-action within 21 days from the postmark date of this notice). Enrollment is automatic if (i) the account(s) to be served is/are eligible and (ii) Customer does not opt-out of Township's electric aggregation program. IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO PARTICIPATE IN THE AGGREGATION PROGRAM, YOU MUST OPT-OUT WITHIN 21 DAYS FROM THE POSTMARK DATE OF THIS NOTICE. YOU CAN OPT-OUT BY RETURNING THE FORM, by calling Eligo at 312-260-0885, or through email at PierceOptOut@eligoenergy.com. (b) Opt-In Enrollment (Affirmative Enrollments). Enrollment for the remainder of the current program is open to those who opt-out or are otherwise not automatically enrolled if (i) the account(s) to be served is/are eligible and (ii) Customer chooses to opt-in to the program. You can Opt-In by (1) calling Vendor at 312-260-0885 or (2) contacting Vendor online at www.eligoenergy.com/cities/il/PierceTownship.

  3. Eligibility: Customer and the Accounts to be served (i) must be located within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Township, (ii) must be served by the Utility on one of the following rate classes: BES, BESH, and RDS (which in general terms apply to residential non-electric space heat service and small commercial customers), (iii) may not be under agreement with another Alternative Retail Electric Supplier, and (iv) must be in good credit standing with the Utility.

  4. Term: This Agreement shall become binding on the Effective Date, however, this Agreement is contingent upon: (a) successful enrollment by the Utility and (b) the passage of the Rescission Period without effective cancellation by Customer. Successful enrollment by the Utility is dependent upon (i) the eligibility of Customer's Utility accounts, as determined by the Utility, to take service from an alternative retail electric supplier and to participate in the Utility's purchase of receivables program, and (ii) the accuracy and completeness of the information submitted for enrollment. Service will commence on the later of (a) the meter read in August 2018 or (b) the first meter read date following successful enrollment by the Utility. Service shall remain in effect for 36 months / billing cycles ("Initial Term"), unless terminated pursuant to the terms of this Agreement. This Agreement will start when Vendor provides confirmation to Customer's local distribution company and the local distribution company initiates the change.

  5. Rescission Period: Customer may cancel enrollment by contacting the Supplier at 312-260-0885 without penalty up to 10 calendar days after the Utility processes the enrollment request (the "Rescission Period").

  6. Termination; Remedies: If either Party defaults on its obligations under this Agreement (which may include Customer's switching to another electric supplier or the Utility or Customer's failure to pay the Utility), the other Party may terminate this Agreement, as applicable. In addition, if Customer chooses to terminate this Agreement based on a recommendation from the Township in the event that Vendor has materially breached the Aggregation Program Agreement between Vendor and the Township, then Vendor shall not be liable to Customer for any damages or penalties resulting from such termination of this Agreement, including claims related to the price received from the Utility or an alternate retail electric supplier being higher than the Price herein, unless Vendor has also materially breached these Terms of Service.

  7. Renewal: In the event that Vendor enters into an agreement with the Township to renew the municipal aggregation agreement before the expiration of the Initial Term, between 30 and 60 days prior to the end of the Initial Term or a Renewal Term (whichever is in effect, hereinafter the "Current Term"), Vendor may send Customer an offer for a Renewal Term. This offer will include, without limitation, the new Price, any applicable early termination fees (if any), and the Renewal Term ("Offer"). In the event Vendor does not receive Customer's rejection of the Offer within 21 days, the Offer will be deemed accepted by Customer without the need for further signature or other affirmative action by Customer. If Customer rejects the Offer in the manner directed in the Offer, Customer's Accounts will be returned to Utility service at the end of the Current Term.

  8. Billing and Payment: Customer will continue to receive one monthly electric bill processed and provided by the Utility for Vendor's charges and Utility's delivery charges on the invoice(s) Customer receives from the Utility, and such billing and payment shall be subject to the applicable Utility rules regarding billing and payment procedures. Vendor's charges or credits not invoiced through the Utility shall be invoiced or credited, respectively, directly by Vendor. Vendor may cause the Utility to correct previous invoices in the event of invoicing errors. In the event of a Customer bankruptcy, late payment or nonpayment, Vendor has the right to cancel this Agreement.

  9. Taxes: Any tax levied against Vendor by any governmental entity, exclusive of Vendor's income tax or taxes levied on Vendor's real or personal property, which must be paid by Vendor shall be passed through to and borne and reimbursed by Customer. Customer must provide Vendor with any applicable exemption certificates. Customer shall pay any such taxes unless Vendor is required by law to collect and remit such taxes, in which case Customer shall reimburse Vendor for all amounts so paid.

  10. Contact Information: For any service question or in the event of an emergency such as a power failure or downed power line, Customer should contact ComEd at 800-334-7661. Customer may contact Vendor at 312-260-0885. For issues concerning this Agreement, Vendor will attempt to resolve the matter within 5 business days of receiving a call or the complaint from Customer. If Customer is not satisfied with the response, or to obtain consumer education materials, Customer may contact the Illinois Commerce Commission at 800-524-0795 or 800-858-9277 for TTY hearing-impaired Customers or visit its website at www.icc.illinois.gov. Customer may also contact the Illinois Attorney General's Office at 1-800-386-5438. Customer shall contact Vendor with any change in Customer's email address and/or withdrawal of consent for electronic retention of customer information.

  11. Customer Relocation: Vendor will waive any fees if Customer moves to a new address outside the Township's boundaries and provides notice to Vendor that Customer is moving prior to termination.

  12. Assignment: Customer may not assign this Agreement without Vendor's written consent. Vendor may transfer, assign or sell this Agreement: (a) in connection with any financing; (b) to any of its affiliates; (c) to anyone succeeding to all or substantially all of Vendor's assets or business; or (d) to another supplier licensed by the Illinois Commerce Commission. This Agreement is binding upon Customer and Vendor, and each party's heirs, successors and permitted assigns. Any required assignment notice will be considered to have been made if mailed to the address in Vendor's records for Customer's account. There are no third-party beneficiaries to this Agreement.

  13. Exclusion of Cash Back Bonus: As a municipal aggregation Customer, Customer is not eligible to participate in Vendor's promotional cash-back or rebate bonus program.


  15. Force Majeure: Except for Customer's obligation under this Agreement to pay Vendor for its services, neither Vendor nor Customer will be liable to the other for failure to perform an obligation either was prevented from performing due to an event beyond its reasonable control, that could not be remedied by the exercise of due diligence and that was not reasonably foreseeable, including without limitation, acts of God, a condition resulting from the curtailment of electricity supply or interruption or curtailment of transmission on the electric transmission and/or distribution system, interruption of utility service, terrorist acts or wars, and force majeure events of the utility or independent system operator.

  16. Miscellaneous: This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Illinois, without regard for the conflicts of law provisions thereof. Title, possession, control of the electricity, and risk of loss will pass from Vendor to Customer at the delivery point, which shall be the Utility. Customer appoints Vendor as its agent for the purposes of effectuating delivery, including for receipt of billing and usage data from the Utility. This Agreement shall be considered a Letter of Agency and constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties, superseding all verbal and written understandings. This Agreement shall only be amended in a writing signed by both Parties or with notice from Vendor to Customer as described above. Customer should contact the Utility in the event of an electric emergency at the following numbers: for ComEd residential customers, 1-800-Edison-1; for ComEd business customers, 1-877-4-ComEd-1. Future correspondence may be sent by Vendor to Customer via first class mail and/or electronic mail.

ACCEPTANCE OF AGREEMENT: This Agreement is hereby unconditionally accepted. Eligo Energy IL, LLC is authorized to switch Customer's utility supplier for the generation service charge. I will notify and/or cancel any previous agreement I may have in place with any other supplier, if applicable.