Welcome Village of Justice Residents and Small Businesses!

Dear Village of Justice Residents,

The Village is pleased to inform you we are continuing our Electric Aggregation program. The program features Green Energy for residents and small businesses who have not previously selected another power supplier. The Village will receive Renewable Energy Certificates from generation sources such as wind and recycled energy to match a portion of the aggregation’s residential and small commercial electricity load. This program promotes a cleaner environment and Justice will be designated an EPA Green Power Community.

The Village of Justice currently offers an 'opt out' electric municipal aggregation program to all residential and qualified small businesses from November 2020 to November 2022. The program will be administered by Eligo Energy IL, LLC, a leading electricity supplier located in Chicago. For all eligible members of this program, the green energy rate will always be equal to ComEd’s residential price (Price to Compare + Purchased Electricity Adjustment - www.pluginillinois.org/FixedRateBreakdownComEd.aspx) with one very important difference – the aggregation customers’ energy usage will be offset by renewable energy!

There are no enrollment, switching, or early termination fees. Eligible customers will either be supplied by ComEd or Eligo, depending on their usage profiles. All eligible customers will pay the same rate, regardless of whether they are supplied by ComEd or Eligo. Those customers that will be supplied by Eligo need do nothing to participate; an eligible account will be automatically enrolled unless opted out.

NO CHANGES IN BILLING. Eligible customers will continue to receive one monthly bill from ComEd and will still be eligible for the same programs through ComEd, such as Budget Billing, payment agreements, and energy efficiency programs. The only change will be in the Electric Supply price on the ComEd bill – https://www.comed.com/MyAccount/MyBillUsage/Pages/UnderstandingMyBill.aspx.

Residents may also purchase electricity supply from other Retail Electric Suppliers or ComEd. For more information, visit www.pluginillinois.org. Customers may request from the Illinois Power Agency, without charge, a list of all supply options available in a format that allows comparison of prices and products.

ENROLLMENT PROCESS. Once your account is enrolled, you will receive a confirmation letter from ComEd confirming your switch to Eligo. Approximately 30 to 45 days after enrollment, you will receive your first ComEd bill to reflect Eligo as your supplier at exactly the ComEd rate.

OPT-OUT INSTRUCTIONS. If you choose not to participate in this green aggregation program, you can elect to be removed from the Program by emailing Eligo at JusticeOptOut@eligoenergy.com, calling Eligo at (773) 570-4836, or completing and mailing back an Opt-Out form within 21 days of mailing. If you have any questions or need additional information about the Program, please see the FAQs and community-specific information below. Eligo Customer Care is available from 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday thru Friday at (773) 570-4836.


The Village of Justice