Welcome to the This Year’s Most Exciting New Affiliate Program

For the first time, affiliates can capitalize on the $400B US electricity market. As seen at Affiliate Summit, Eligo Energy offers one of the most exciting new affiliate programs in 2014.

Big & New

  • $400B US Energy Market
  • Customer savings up to 30%
  • No purchase necessary
  • Coupons and deals


  • Nationwide Offer
  • Competitive Payouts
  • Auto-deposit
  • Sign-up Bonus

How It Works

Users fill out a simple 1-page form...
  • Easy to complete (takes 5 minutes or less)
  • No financial information or credit card details are required
  • No purchase necessary
...and receive discounted rates on their energy bills up to 30%

Call to Action: CPA payout based on customer enrollment with Eligo Energy. Sign-up is free and customers can instantly save up to 30%.

No Limits: No caps on commissions

Coupons: Frequent coupon and promo code offers

Payout: CPA payout of $20 per sign-up

Cookie: 30 days

Required fields/Sale Qualifications:

  • Full name and address
  • Contact information (e-mail and phone)
  • Utility (dropdown based on zip)
  • Utility account number (easily found on bill)

Sign Up Bonus: Affiliates that sign up for the Eligo affiliate program and submit 5 valid customers in the first month will receive a one-time $100 bonus.

Attentive Affiliate Management: Our affiliate program is managed by Michael Bell. A dedicated problem solver and constant innovator to improve the customer online experience, Michael welcomes your feedback and input to better serve you.

The perfect offer for
Direct B2C
  • Home Improvement & Repair
  • Financial Services
  • Couponing & Frugality
  • Telecommunications & ISP
  • Green & Environmental
  • Referral Network / Business Opportunity
  • Nonprofit & Charity
  • ISO's
  • CPA Networks

What do we do?
Customers remain with their existing local utility, receive the same service and the same bill, but pay less by using Eligo as their energy supplier.

How do we do it?
Eligo is able to buy energy at reduced rates on the wholesale market and then pass those savings along to homes and businesses.

How do customers enroll?
Enrollment can be done online of over the phone. The process takes 5 minutes or less. The only required information is Name, Address and a valid Utility Account Number.

How much does it cost?
It is free to enroll. No financial information or credit card details are required.

How much can customers expect to save?
Customers can expect to immediately save 10-30% on their energy costs every month.

About Eligo Energy

Eligo Energy is an industry leading retail energy supplier. Working with thousands of homes and businesses across the country, Eligo Energy offers cost-saving products that can save customers up to 30%.

Contact us today to learn more about the Eligo Energy Affiliate Program. (888) 901-3887